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Ready? | Incident Readiness

Are you really Ready? Be prepared...

Its cliche but the adage of 'when not if' to businesses suffering an incident is never more true with security events on the rise. With recent legislative changes they now come with the need to notify the regulator, even for minor incidents.
We have direct hands on experience navigating global organisations through incidents and satisfying regulatory requirements.
Our services provide the readiness to react supported by an off the shelf methodology and backed up by our experienced consultants.
As part of our service offering we can stage incidents that stress-test your ability to react in a real-world scenario. These are tailored to your business to provide a realistic experience.

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React | Live Incident Response

Augment your incident security capability

A security event is inevitable, not only the sensationalised Hollywood event but even a small data loss issue can cause serious ramifications to your reputation. 
Our Security SWAT team can assist in reacting and responding to a live incident to either support your in-house security team or act as your virtual security team to protect your business when you need us.


SecMan | Strategic Risk Management

Expert support when you need it

Organisations sometimes need more flexibility when it comes to security personnel, through using CyProtec your business has access to the experience and knowledge when you need it. 
We look to build lasting relationships and be on-hand when you need us, we focus on the operational risks of your business to illustrate the interdependencies and root causes of risk to provides a realistic and pragmatic approach to minimise your exposure.


CySec | Information Risk Management

Pragmatic and functional Information Security guidance

Our experienced consultants have spent decades in the field and have assisted a broad range of clients achieve risk and compliance objectives, this can either be for commercial advantage or through recognition that information is a valuable asset and needs to be protected.
We can assist you in the selection and implementation of an approach to information security thats the best fit for your organisation. 
If your company requires support with more compliance based objectives e.g. PSD2, GDPR, PCI DSS our team has extensive experience in setting and delivering robust strategies to help simplify compliance.


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